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Hello Asus Zenfone 5 users. As for now latest stock lollipop rom version is And thid rom is based on latest lollipop rom. But its modded version of latest stock rom so it gives better performance and battery backup than stock lollipop rom. So who don't want to go for CM based rom and love ZenUI and want to stay on Stock lollipop rom, then this rom is for that users. Because its fully stock rom but better than stock rom. And use custom kernel with this rom to get more advanced features like (DT2W feature, Control CPU, CPU governers etc).

Review Given by Nilesh Parab

  1. Froze up once (had to power off) and rebooted once in first 15 mins. The rom came with an earlier version of Borets kernel, and when I updated to the latest version of Borets kernel, there was no freezing or reboots after that. The rom was rock solid. I disabled dt2w as well.
  2. There were lags when I started using it initially, but after I updated to the latest Borets kernel there was no noticeable lag, except when opening Chrome browser.
  3. The initial CPU underclocking settings were 1.2GHz max, 400MHz min in the original Borets kernel. I changed it to 666MHz max, 533MHz min. after I updated the kernel. Also changed the governer from interactive to hotplug, and I/O cfq to bfq. The rom comes with Kernel Adiuotor app installed, so no need to download Setcpu or No Frills Cpu, etc.
  1. Attaching the battery graph with the above settings. I was getting 2-2.5 hrs SOT on stock .87 with same Borets kernel and same settings. I got 3.5+ hrs on Recreated Remix. I think most of you who get 3+ hrs SOT on .87 stock ROM will get close to 4 hrs SOT on Recreated.
  2. The battery graph is with continous Wifi usage. I installed 25+ apps on Wifi in the first 50%. After that was browsing. Only played Mini Militia towards the end for 5-10 mins.
  3. I checked the Mini Militia single player game with the above CPU settings. There was a bit of lag. But when I changed the settings to 1.2GHz max and 800MHz min, there was no lag. The phone did get heated up in about 5-10 mins of gaming though.
  4. The sound volume in the speaker is a lot louder than in the stock rom. But I found the sound quality worse.
  5. The UI (eg. the settings app) is not as polished as in the stock rom.

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