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Hello friends i have made this antivirus to remove virus from your PC and pendrive. you all are facing problem with virus which automatically create shortcut inside your pendrive and you loses your important data. so now you don’t need to worry if your pendrive is affected by shortcut virus and all your data is hidden. just scan your pendrive with my antivirus and done.
Important thing of this antivirus is that its works after your PC or pendrive is got affected by virus. its work is to remove virus from your pendrive and revert your files back.
so download now and give a try.
if you are facing any problem then comment below. if you are facing any bug then report me and I will try my best to resolve that bug. or if you want to suggest something then also comment below.

Download v4.2 (.exe)                      Download v4.2 (.zip)

Download v3.0 (.exe)                      Download v3.0 (.zip)


Download v2.1 (.exe)                      Download v2.1 (.zip)

Download v2.0 (.exe)                      Download v2.0 (.zip)

Download v1.3 (.exe)                      Download v1.3 (.zip)

  1. Install Pawn Antivirus download from given link in description of this video. 
  2. After installing pawn antivirus will be added to desktop context menu. 
  3. you can open pawn antivirus from desktop shortcut, desktop context menu, or from run windows by simply typing pawn.
  4. to remove shortcut from specific usb drive select that drive and click on "scan drive" button.
  5. press any key to continue.
  6.  again press any key to continue.
  7. now scanning and repair is started.
  8. now goto your usb drive and you will get your files back and all shortcuts are deleted.
  9. there are many tweaks added in this antivirus to speedup your windows.
  10. goto tools -> Tweak box.
  11. new window will open and click on all install buttons to apply all tweaks.
  12. you can check demo before applying tweaks.
  13. if you don't like any tweak then you can remore that tweak simply click on remove button. and done
  14. Done.



  • New Interface
  • other bug fixed

v2.1 (Beta Version)  

  • Added Locker. (you can lock only folder.)
  • Working on file locker. (release in nest version)

    v2.0 (Stable Release)  

    • updated virus databases
    • remove virus script from drive (*.vbs or *.vbe) files (mainly Servieca.vbs)
    • New Interface
    • Adware Removel tool added (to remove ads from browser)
    • Remove 'Autorun' from drive
    • delete unwanted folder from drive like ($RECYCLE.BIN,RECYCLER,System Volume Information)
    • press ' Ctrl+Alt+P ' anywhere to directly launch Pawn Antivirus
    • and much more

      v1.3 (Stable Release)

      • Now you can use this by simply typing Pawn in run window.
      • Added Antivirus shortcut in context menu .
      • Added windows optimization tweaks.
      • and many more

      v1.2 (Stable Release)

      • Added ‘run as Administrator manifest file’.
      • Added check for updates support before installation.
      • Modified icons.
      • created desktop icon with administrator permissions.

      v1.1 (beta version)

      • Added option to choose specific drive.
      • GUI based.
      • improved visual quality.
      • Drop down list added to choose specific drive and 1 check box to select all drives to scan.
      • Antivirus logo added.

      v1.0 (Initial Release)

      • starting of my project.
      • just command based on black screen.
      • fail to scan some drives due to lack of administrator permissions.
      • added buttons to scan each drives.
      • scanning take long time because it scan whole drives including c drive.

      Credits :-

      credits only to me Pawneshwer Gupta for making new ideas,testing,modifications and creation.

      tools used:-

      • Visual Studio 2013 for creating User Interface and functions.
      • java script for making functions and loops.
      • C++ for classes and functions. and graphics design.
      • C# for whole programming.
      • windows binder to create installer file of my antivirus.
      • Adobe Photoshop to make icons, logos and designs.
      • Pen and copy to design logical designs of internal structure.


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